What Does a Wedding Planner Do? Secret?

Although they’re often listed as one of the best things people attend during their lives, weddings are stressful. Weddings can be incredibly difficult to schedule, budget for, design, and more without the proper preparation or the right people.

That’s where a wedding planner comes in. These professionals literally have planned in their name, and it’s for a reason. Wedding planners are great at their jobs, helping to make a wedding less expensive, less stressful, and above all, taking the pressure off your shoulders. And while that’s great, there’s one thing that many people ask: what does a wedding planner do?

1 | Create a Budget and Save You Money

One of the worst things about a wedding is its price; the average wedding costs nearly $30,000, although it’s better with a wedding planner.
Planners not only know exactly what you need, saving time and extra costs, but can also connect with suppliers for exclusive deals, prices, and discounts. Plus, importantly, they take care of the whole process.

2 | Plan Out The Wedding

Wedding planners are great at planning. Everything from timing to budget to the location to supplies, it’s covered. Planners know what you need, when you need it, considering all your wants and requirements.

3 | Take Care of Invites

Alongside building the wedding itself, planners create RSVPs, handle descriptions, mailing, addressing, and more. They’ll find scheduling fixes for troublesome arrivals, make the perfect invite for the event, and more, all within just this point.

4 | Manage Everything

On top of creating virtually everything, wedding planners manage it too. Planners will read over vendor contracts, adjust the event for the perfect conditions, work invitations, serve as an intermediary, and more. Everything runs through them to start, and they’re ready to keep everything going well throughout the process.

5 | Build the Perfect Wedding

Above all, wedding planners know how to build the perfect wedding. So, on top of saving your money, planning out the wedding, sending invites, managing the process, and more, they’ll also make it unique and perfect for you.
Planners will find the best talent and vendors at your price and for your wants, in addition to getting the best venue, building the biggest wedding for your budget, and more. Deals, discounts, knowledge of quality, events, and planning/booking everything makes a wedding planner your go-to person for literally everything when it comes to weddings. They’ll even schedule travels afterward!

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