How to Plan Your Wedding – Steps

How Should You Plan Your Wedding Day?

Suggestions from Shara in the above video…

Decide how many wedding guests you’d like to invite – Use an Excel spreadsheet to make it easier.
• Locate your perfect wedding venue – Will the venue be closer to where you live, where your family lives?
• Learn about rentals for your venue – Chairs, tables, etc.
• Pick the bridesmaid dresses
• Decide on your flowers
• Take pictures of all your items to make sure the colors match

In this fantastic video, Shara discusses tips and hacks on how to better plan for your wedding day. She explores everything from where to find the best bridesmaid dresses to how to find the perfect wedding gifts. Specifically she answer questions like, “How should you book the location? How can you be the best made of honor? What did you look for in a wedding venue?”

In the first part of this video, Shara offers a timeline on what you should do when, planning a wedding.

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