Wedding Guests

How Many Seats Should You Fill At Your Wedding?

There is a lot of fun and glamour in the air when planning your wedding. You have all these ideas…

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how long plan wedding

How long does it take to plan a wedding?

Define Your Budget Choose a Date Venue Search Vendor Search Start Choosing the Rest of Your Wedding Party Wedding Dress…

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wedding block hotel rooms

How Many Rooms to Block for a Wedding?

A common question that brides and grooms ask when they try to book hotel rooms is, “How many rooms to…

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what does wedding planner do

What Does a Wedding Planner Do? Secret?

Although they’re often listed as one of the best things people attend during their lives, weddings are stressful. Weddings can…

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wedding entrance

Top 7 Wedding Party Entrance Ideas That Wow

Come in with a choreographed dance Lipsync or sing/play an instrument if you can Sendoff style Use the environment –…

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Forest Wedding Couple Lake

How to Plan a Wedding in the Forest

There’s something about a wedding in the forest that automatically makes you feel like a princess in the movies being…

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open bar wedding

How Much is an Open Bar at a Wedding?

Most of us dream of a fabulous reception for our wedding. We want it to be a memorable party without…

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wedding invitations

When Do You Mail Out Save The Date Cards?

Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming, because, most times, it IS overwhelming. And, so is the pre-planning of your wedding….

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How long wedding ceremony

How long is a wedding ceremony?

A Catholic wedding ceremony, including mass – 45 minutes to an hour. A Quicker Catholic wedding ceremony which is called…

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wedding ceremony

What happens if someone objects at a wedding?

They might be objecting because the marriage will not be legal. It might be a family member or friend who…

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