How to Rent a Dress for a Wedding

Brides, do you know you have the option to rent a wedding dress online? Think of the money you’ll save when you rent a wedding dress and DIY. It’s something you wear just once. Why would you spend all that money and waste all that beautiful fabric and that design for one day?

What’s the cost of renting a wedding dress?
The cost to rent your wedding gown can be anywhere between $100 and $500 depending on the type of gown that you choose.

What are the advantages of renting a wedding dress?
You won’t have to worry about cleaning your dress, and storing it afterward.

How long is the rental period of a wedding dress?
Many wedding dress rental places let you borrow it for 7-10 days.

Why should I consider renting a wedding dress?
The price of the average wedding dress is so high, you might not be able to afford the one you want. This way, you rent a wedding gown, and you can get a higher quality dress for much less.

What happens if I can’t find a wedding dress to rent near me?

For many brides, it does cost $1,500 or so for a great wedding DJ that will play the perfect wedding songs for you, but it doesn’t make sense to spend thousands of dollars on a dress you wear for just a few short hours. And although not everyone lives near a wedding rental location, you have options for renting your gown online and having it shipped to you. I’ve researched a few online companies that can rent you a wedding dress for more than half the cost of buying one.

• Rent the Runway
• Poshare
• Lending Luxury

Rent the Runway
Rent the Runway is a place where you can rent an amazing-looking wedding dress for less. You can rent designer fashions and accessories with a one-time charge or a membership.

Poshare, is where you can rent dresses and accessories from different designers, wholesalers and boutiques. They can also supply you with a choice of bridesmaid dresses, as well as your wedding guests. Even the mother of the bride’s gowns.

Lending Luxury
Lending Luxury, unlike the other two companies we mentioned above, Lending Luxury has not only wedding dresses but gowns for every occasion.

And if you’d like to find out what’s best to wear under your wedding dress, rented or not, visit our article on what to wear under your wedding dress.

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