How Many Rooms to Block for a Wedding?

A common question that brides and grooms ask when they try to book hotel rooms is, “How many rooms to block for a wedding“?

A hotel block is a group of hotel rooms that are reserved for people attending events, like weddings, at an arranged room rate. The rate may be discounted when you book 10 or more rooms. It’s at roughly 10 rooms hotels start to give a group rate to those attending a wedding. Another great reason to reserve some hotel rooms for your guests is that you can usually get them in the same area of the hotel. So your guests won’t be far from each other.

Who Pays for Hotel Rooms Reserved for Wedding Guests?

As a wedding couple, you are not obligated to pay for any hotel rooms you reserve for your guests. If you block off rooms, you’ll be getting the rooms for your guests at a discount. Imagine if you added the cost of all of those hotel rooms to a wedding budget. For some couples, it would double the cost of their wedding.

How to Figure Out How Many Hotel Rooms to Book

To figure out how many hotel rooms you’ll need to be blocked off, you can use this formula. If 1/2 of the people attending your wedding have to travel a far distance (over an hour) to get there, take that number. Then divide by 2, considering some guests will share a room. Then add three hotel rooms just in case to that number.

So, if you have 200 guests attending your wedding…

Figure out the number of guests traveling from afar. (let’s say 40)
40 DIVIDED by 2
Plus an extra 3 rooms

EQUALS 23 rooms to block off at a great hotel.

Infographic: Weddings - How to Figure Out How Many Hotel Rooms to Block

When to Block Hotel Rooms for a Wedding

It’s always a good idea to find rooms to block for your wedding as soon as possible. If you’re booking your wedding during a peak travel time for the destination you’re getting married at, you should try to book at least 10 months out. Try for 10 months, but if you book 6-9 months out, you will have a good chance to book what you’d like. Sometimes hotels get booked up because of local business conferences, sporting events, and concerts. So book early.

If your wedding date falls within peak travel season for your destination, the earlier you book blocks the better. We’d say give it about six to nine months in advance of your wedding. You can book group blocks closer to the wedding date if you need to add more rooms later on, but it’s best to sort this out early so your guests can start making travel arrangements.

How to Find a Hotel for Your Wedding Guests

When finding a hotel for your family and friends to stay at for your wedding, you’ll want to choose above-average accommodations. Many times, wedding guests will get discounts on the room so that an above-average room, just costs, well, average. And that’s good news! Of course, you don’t need to block suites, unless you’d like to take extra good care of your bridal party. When your wedding guests come in from out of town, they may need help finding a nice hotel to lay their heads for the night.

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