How Many Seats Should You Fill At Your Wedding?

There is a lot of fun and glamour in the air when planning your wedding. You have all these ideas about who you want to be a part of that special day with you. Invitations are a way for you to tell your guests, “Hey! I think it would be really fun for both of us if we met each other on my wedding day!”

But the size of the guest list comes up so often. Because some couples have to pay for their weddings, they are afraid to invite everyone they know, fearing not having enough free food and drinks. But what if you want your family member from California to come? Or your best friend who is going through a tough divorce and has two toddlers? Sizing the guest list is like making things for yourself as a tailor. You want it to be big enough so that you can grow with this garment, yet small enough so that it doesn’t overwhelm you. Let’s have some fun here.

Wedding Guests

Give yourself plenty of time.

Don’t rush it! You will want to check every invite twice and ensure they are one hundred percent perfect. You want your guests to feel special and important. Often proposing a wedding invitation is like working on your dissertation; it takes you multiple drafts before getting it right. Take as much time as you need.

Think about your relatives

Typically, at the core of your reception are the closest people to parents, siblings, grandparents, and maybe even aunts and uncles. These people must have the most space, so they don’t have to sit next to a stranger the whole time. On the other hand, you can leave anyone out if you know they won’t bring that fun you want to see at your wedding. It’s all about choice. Remember, you can make your wedding list big or small. Don’t let your wedding invitations become a cycle of “will we stay in touch for Thanksgiving!”

Consider people that won’t be attending it’s much fun.

Consider inviting an important person who will also be missing your wedding. Maybe you are friends with Stephanie on Facebook, and she is getting married on the same date as you. If you know she isn’t going to make it, she would surely appreciate an invite. It won’t be a bad idea to invite your cousin and friends who stay far away either. After all, they won’t be coming, but it’s fun, they might send some gifts. Smart act there.

Consider those that will attend the wedding.

You may not need to invite everyone you know to your wedding. It is best to choose those people who are most likely to attend. You don’t need your neighbor who lives in another state attending the wedding but sending a gift would be nice. After all, it’s not about impressing everybody; it’s about creating an exclusive atmosphere for the people that share happiness with you. No point in inviting your boss to the wedding unless he is close enough to be considered a friend or both of you are close enough that he would be willing to donate money for some drinks and food for most of his staff members. Thumbs up for the boss!

Wedding Reception

Invite people that you genuinely want to spend time with

Be honest. Have you ever picked up an invitation and thought, “I’m not attending this party”? Never invite anybody that doesn’t mean anything to you. Don’t invite people just because they are invited. Don’t send invitations to people who don’t know one bit about what is going on, or anyone that only wants attention, or better yet, for you to ask them if they will be coming. That’s pretty boring. Think of all the important people in your life. Think about the people that you’ve known helping shape your life a little bit and remember how wonderful it is that they are in it. It’s also fun to invite some of your closest friends so that you can have company for the night. If you have been through a tough time recently, it may be nice to invite some of your closest friends just because “they can relate,” and they’ll know what to say to make you feel better.

Invite people who are significant in your lives

This one is easy. Go with your gut. You and your partner have been working diligently on this wedding for months or years now. You have been thinking about little details for so long that it’s hard even to set the calendar. You know who deserves to be invited to this special day of your lives. It’s fun to have those beautiful old friends that still keep in touch with you. After all, old memories don’t die, and if they are about to, you can resurrect them with some smiles on your special day. Remember not to invite those friends that will bring back negative thoughts. It hurts to have those on your special occasion.

Consider determinant factors

When determining how many people you should invite to your wedding, there are some things to consider. Approximately how much should it cost to host the number of guests? How many guests can the reception hall hold comfortably? Can the reception hall accommodate all our guests? These are questions you’ll want to ask yourself so that we can provide specific numbers and help connect you with places that fit within your budget. Knowing the capacity limits of your venue will also help you determine if an additional vendor such as a server, wedding planner, DJ, or photographer is necessary to accommodate above your specified guest count.


Depending on what you want your wedding to be like, several people you have to invite. But always remember the most important question: Who will bring those good-time vibes? If you plan with any budget limitations, you may ask yourself: How many people should I invite for my budget wedding? But if you need a specific number, I suggest 150-200 guests will be nice to have at your wedding. According to the Brides American Wedding Study, -most weddings have less than 200 guests, with the average being 167. Have all the fun but remember to invite your dog too 😉

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