Sell Wedding Ring

How to Sell a Wedding Ring For Lots of Fast Cash

Getting Married Again? How to Ditch That Old Ring God forbid things aren’t working out for you and your husband…

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Priest Says Wedding

What Does a Priest Say at a Wedding Ceremony?

Roman Catholic Wedding Ceremonies There is a standard way of marrying a loving couple in the eyes of the Roman…

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Wedding Ring Couple

What Does a Stunning Wedding Ring Symbolize?

We’re sure you’ve noticed that a ring is in the shape of a circle right? Besides being easier to wear…

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wedding cash gift money

How Much Money Should You Give at a Wedding?

Giving money at a wedding is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. The amount to be given can…

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destination wedding ideas

Top 9 Hottest Wedding Destinations Ideas

Las Vegas, Nevada Samui Island, Thailand Joshua Tree, California Sunset Beach, Hawaii Bali, Indonesia Venice, Italy Paradise, Hawaii Sydney, Australia…

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last minute wedding gift ideas

What Are The Coolest Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

Espresso Machines Prepared Meal Services Home Cooked Meal Kits Wine Rack with Wine A Couples Spa Day A Cheese Board…

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cost wedding dj price fee

How Much is a DJ for a Wedding, Really?

Planning a wedding requires a LOT of decision-making. If you’re a bride, or a helpful groom reading this you already…

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where sell wedding dress

Where to Sell a Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses cost a fortune. And yet, you only wear it once on that special day? So, have you ever…

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open bar wedding

How Much is an Open Bar at a Wedding?

Most of us dream of a fabulous reception for our wedding. We want it to be a memorable party without…

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shotgun weddings

What is a Shotgun Wedding?

When a couple has to get married in a hurry. The bride’s dad says, you better get married ASAP, because…

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