wedding officiants, officiant

The Fail-Proof Way to Officiate a Wedding

The bride and groom ask you to officiate their wedding, and you’re honored and humbled. In excitement, you accept the…

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How to Write Wedding Vows

An Amazing Way to Write Vows

Keep it personal Be honest Be clear Keep it short and simple Vow to honor and respect your partner for…

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what finger does wedding ring to on?

Which Finger Does the Ring Go On?

When it’s that time to put the ring on your bride or groom’s finger while at the alter, why does…

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What wedding planners cost

How Much do Wedding Planners Cost: Revealed

The most stressful part of a wedding is most likely the planning, especially for those of us that don’t like…

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Wedding Ring Set

How to Wear a Wedding Ring Set Exquisitely

Show Me The Ring As soon as you get engaged the resounding statement from everyone is “show me the ring!”…

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Wedding Band Performing

How Much Does a Band Cost for a Wedding?

The Cost of Wedding Bands Cost of a wedding band Music has a significant influence on the ambiance of gatherings…

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wedding invitations

When Do You Send Out Wedding Invitations: Formula

What do you need to do when it comes to wedding invitations?  When do you order? Where can you order…

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Couple Drinking Wine

Wedding Gifts for Couples That Already Live Together Revealed

Luxurious Bedding Bartending and Mixologist Kit Monthly Wine Subscription Engraved Cutting Board Air BNB Gift Card Date Night Book Buying…

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VIdeographer Cost

How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost Exactly?

The question for couples, “how much does a wedding videographer cost?” is one many people have wondered. The simple answer…

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Wedding Day Bouquet

What To Do With Your Wedding Bouquet Now

A lot of great ideas that we hope you’ll consider when deciding what to do with your wedding bouquet.

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